Day Care Cleaning in Hopkinsville

Most people, when asked to imagine a child, picture an angelic little cherub. And while most kids are cute, when you get them in a room together for an entire day, you have to be ready for huge messes and the transfer of different bacteria.

Day care centers must maintain clean facilities not only for their overall marketability and trust of parents, but to also guarantee the health of the children they are charged with caring for throughout the day. That is why Quality Custodial Services Inc. specializes in cleaning day cares in and around Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

In the day care business, not being able to present clean facilities to parents will destroy your credibility. Furthermore, if a child is constantly catching colds at your day care center, parents will get wise to the fact that you are neglecting proper cleaning practices. Superficial cleans won’t kill germs and parents will begin to speculate what other corners you’re cutting.

Making sure your day care is as clean as can be is a simple way of preserving your reputation. If you want your day care to stand out against the competition, the best thing you can do is sign up for Quality Custodial Services Inc.’s day care cleaning program. Our custodians have been specially trained to meticulously clean floors, desks, tables, chair backs, door handles, water fountains and many other breeding grounds for germs. We can also clean sand boxes, comb playgrounds and schedule deep cleans on holidays or weekends so that you never have to worry about a lack of cleanliness coming back to haunt you.

To get an estimate on our day care cleaning services, feel free to call us at (270) 886-6238.

Green Day Care Cleaning

Because our day care cleaning services put a premium on the health of the children you are caring for, we have “green cleaning” programs to limit the exposure to aggressive chemicals.

By choosing to use environmentally friendly products at your day care, you are choosing a healthier, cleaner space for staff and clients alike. Some of the benefits include:

  • High indoor air quality
  • Healthier facilities for occupants
  • Minimal exposure to harsh chemicals that can cause respiratory problems, irritated skin and other conditions
  • Improved morale
  • Reduced waste and water and air pollution

Green cleaning is more than just using products that don’t put such a huge strain on the environment. It also means regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance to always make sure the cleanliness of your facilities are up to Quality Custodial Inc.’s high standards.

Working in a dirty, unsanitary environment is unacceptable. Particularly in a day care where you have been trusted to provide quality care to someone’s child. Using ecologically sound products in a responsible manner is, however, more than acceptable.

All of our custodians are committed to customer care and always on top of the best industry practices. Whether you are in need of daily or weekly cleaning services from professional, courteous and thorough custodians, give us a call today at (270) 886-6238 to find out what we can do for the cleanliness of your day care.