Construction Cleaning in Bowling Green

Professional Construction Cleaning You Can Trust

You and your team work hard to build a better skyline and provide beautiful properties for people to live and work in.

But after the dust settles on your latest development, your tenants deserve to move into a clean space free of gases, dust, and toxins. And that’s where we come in.

Quality Custodial Services Inc is the top commercial cleaning company in Bowling Green offering top-notch construction cleanup to business owners and landlords working in the construction and residential development industries.

From pre-construction site work to post-construction cleanup, Quality Custodial Services Inc is a janitorial services firm that specializes in handling only the biggest jobs for Bowling Green residents.

Let’s face it, the amount of work that goes into a large construction project is staggering. And that produces a staggering amount of waste! You can’t rely on just any cleaning company to do the job right. Call Quality Custodial Services Inc: we’re Bowling Green’s undisputed construction cleaning experts!

Cleaning Construction Dust and Off-Gassing Materials

There are two scourges any commercial or residential developer must face after the hard work of construction is done: cleaning construction dust and off-gassing building materials. While the latter is mostly a quality-of-life issue and unlikely to cause any serious health problems, shattered drywall, dirt, and paint flakes combine into a toxic mix of dust that can sicken employees or residents of your new building and even lead to lawsuits.

That’s a public relations nightmare no construction firm wants to face. That’s why you need to bring in the expertise of Quality Custodial Services Inc, Kentucky’s expert in post-construction cleanup. We’ve honed our methods over 15 years on the job to bring you extremely efficient construction cleaning at a price you can afford.

Why is Cleaning Construction Dust so Important?

All that dust your company has produced during construction has to go somewhere.

And it does.

If not dealt with correctly, that dust—composed of chemicals, metal dust, wood shards, organic material, and paint—will settle onto the building’s walls and in the HVAC ducts. It will be redirected by air currents all over the space. If your tenants, whether commercial or residential, breathe in this dust, they could suffer health effects varying from asthma to severe allergic reactions.

Cleaning construction dust is one of the most important responsibilities your construction company has after any project. Skimping on this crucial task can damage your reputation—and your bottom line.

Our Reputation, Your Results

Quality Custodial Services Inc has over 15 years experience providing top-notch commercial cleaning for construction companies and developers, including industrial and post-construction cleanup. With an A+ rating certified by the Better Business Bureau, we’re the number one choice for anyone in Bowling Green in need of professional commercial cleaning.

Our team of janitors is dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs at competitive prices. Give us a call for a free estimate, or to set up your first site visit with us. When it comes to post-construction cleaning, there’s no other name in town than Quality Custodial Services Inc!

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