• The first impression you give to your customers, clients, employees, or visitors is long standing. It sets a precedents on how you are viewed by your greatest asset

  • Even as people enter your establishment, assessments are being made about the integrity and validity of what your business represents

  • From the parking lot to the front entrance, the main objective is to have these areas safe and sanitized

  • Safety and sanitation should be visible from the floors extending up to the light fixtures in the ceiling

  • From spider webs to clean windows, waste dispensers and cigarette urns should all be sanitized to give a positive reflection of your business.

  • At Quality Custodial Services Inc our mission is to leave you with a cleaning experience with quality results. Remember, quality is incorporated into our name. We pride ourselves in the transition of services

  • A Cleaning Experience With Quality Results

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Day Care and School Cleaning

Quality Custodial Services Inc day care and school janitorial services help to maintain healthy and safe environment for faculty, staff, and students by offering comprehensive cleaning plans and experienced staffing dedicated to providing first rate janitorial services.

Like any other environment that is open to the public, Day Care’s & Schools can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Illness can spread quickly across a school population if hygiene and general maintenance are neglected. Systematic Cleaning of schools, gyms, cafeterias, wash rooms, water fountains, desks, libraries, and other common areas such as computer keyboards and entryways can greatly inhibit the spread of viruses and other contaminants. We have to remember 80% of germs are transmitted through casual contact with an unsanitary surface such as tables, doorknobs, or other accessible objects.